The Right Photographer for YOUR Love Story

I remember the stress of wedding planning. The dress. The bridesmaids. The catering. The venue. The music. The invites. It's a TON of work. Here's something I didn't stress over: our photographer. The Quad Cities area is filled with really talented photographers who serve all price ranges & styles, which is a HUGE blessing for a bride on a budget trying to find her best fit. That being said, there's more to choosing a photographer than just the price point. So, let's chat a bit about some of the key questions to answer before choosing the person in charge of documenting your big day. 1. Budget: You gotta start where it matters. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is over 25k,

Erin & Ronald: An Intimate Winter Wedding at the Renwick Mansion

So, crazy real story time. During the intermission of a musical at the Adler theatre I check my phone, as all millenials do, to see I have a Facebook message from a bride-to-be who got my name from a mutual friend. She asks are you available the 29th? And I, skimming the text because I'm also simultaneously holding a conversation with my momma who's sitting at the show with me, think sure I could meet on 29th. And then I reread the message. She doesn't want to meet up in a week. This lady is getting MARRIED in a week. And while I'm sure you're thinking "Lordy she just got her photographer a week before the wedding?" hold your roll, because in her timeline that was pretty reasonable. That's b

Kelsi & Marty, Winter Engagement in Davenport

I am a SAP. A giant cry baby. I pretty much always tear up over engagement & wedding sessions while editing, but this one takes the cake. I'm gunna assume it's the uniform, but it might just be that these two are ridiculously adorable. Kelsi & Marty are QC kids who've managed to create quite the love story. Marty is prepping to ship out to the North Carolina, so these two love birds reached out to squeeze in an engagement session the week of Christmas. The positive was that it was all sorts of snow and glowy goodness. The not so awesome part, it was LITERALLY 5 degrees out. You gotta love Iowa. We met up at Vandeveer (I really wanted to play with all that Christmas light bokeh) & the rest is

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