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Senior Avery

Avery and I have quite the friendship. My background in theatre has often times put me in odd situations, but one of the oddest was the casting of a local musical. After taking a hiatus from theatre when I got married & had my son, a dear friend from college & I decided to take a leap of faith and audition for the local production of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". After a rocky audition I was surprisingly cast as the lead --- my male counterpart and love interest was Avery, who is 7 years my junior & a highschool student. Gah. Community theatre awkwardness at it's very best.

Avery's first conversation with me at the read-through went as such:

Avery: Hello

Me: Hey there.

Avery: My mom's name is Stacy too.


Not exactly what I needed to feel better about kissing a 17 year old boy onstage in front of my husband. Thankfully, we worked past our uncomfortable introductions and became fast friends. One of my favorite things about theatre, really art in general, is that age means so little. I've made life long friends behind and ahead of me in life. It's opened my eyes in so many ways through the assortment of people I've been able to connect with. It's pretty awesome, honestly, and I would highly recommend trying theatre at least once.

Any how, after spending half the summer cast together, I was thrilled when Avery and his momma reached out about his senior session. We met downtown Davenport at the Figge to begin. I love the Figge for shoots because it's covered in reflective glass panels and always provides the loveliest open shade, even at the peak of the afternoon.

He arrived 15 minutes late and explained without shame he'd been at a local coffee shop. Thankfully for him, I love both coffee & Avery immensely, so he was quickly forgiven. The day was lovely, bright & just over 80 outside. Being that it was early in the afternoon we took advantage of the shade between some of the historic buildings along 2nd & 3rd street, & also briefly snuck across River Drive to get just a few shots by the river & in the bandstand (Avery is a great trombonist).

We waited until the very end of the session to throw on a sweater and grab some very necessary fall-feeling shots. It's October, but given Iowa's crazy weather this year you'd never know it. I just today rescheduled a senior who requested fall leaves since barely any trees have turned over. Global warming, am I right?

Overall, it was a really lovely afternoon full of laughs, heart to heart conversations, and some catching up. I'm pretty lucky to have such good people in my life.

Wish Avery luck with the rest of his year and some extra luck for his upcoming Allstate Vocal auditions!

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