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Kat & Jon, a Fall Engagement in Scott Co.

My Freshman year of high school I joined an improv group (heads up, I was awful) & met this amazing human. She is a prime example of a hard-working, art-loving, social justice warrior, which are some of my most favorite things. 3 years ago God introduced her other half into her life, Jon. Isn't it crazy how everything changes when you meet "your person"? I was immediately in love with the photos in camera, so I quickly shot some to Kat in a text quite literally as soon as I walked through my front door. She loved them. I loved them. My husband loved them. I had dinner guests who also loved them. Needless to say, their session is pretty lovely. The shots are beautiful, but what's really beautiful is their obvious & sincere love for one another.

I think that's my favorite part of engagement sessions. It's less about my technique & more about my patience to find those little moments of honesty. Seeking out those quick bits of effortless laughter, fleeting glances & kisses that last a little long are what make for shots that pull at your heart strings. It's tricky at times to help a couple relax behind the camera, but these two made my job ridiculously easy. And get this, they both have NEVER had professional photos done. Not even senior photos. NOTHING. They're naturals.

I met the lovebirds at Scott County Pioneer Village, just a few minutes outside of our home in Dewitt. Fun fact, the church on the property is where my husband and I were married. I love the location for so many reasons, but I will admit I am likely a bit biased considering my own history. Shooting around the village brought back so many memories of the beginning of my own marriage, which made for just a few happy tears during the editing process (I'm a sap).

Seriously, how stinkin cute are these two? One of my favorite quirks of the session was Kat playing with Jon's hair. Jon is a hat guy, something I understand because my husband is also one to wear a hat 90% of the time, a habit he picked up from his father. For the session Jon didn't want to be in a hat, so he slicked his hair. Kat throughout the session fussed with a few hairs that kept falling onto his forehead. She at one point asked, "What did you even put in your hair?" to which Jon gave the very appropriate male response of "Everything I could find at the house". I had to giggle because that's something I could hear my own husband saying.

We chased the sunlight throughout the end of our session & these two were absolute troopers about it. I drug them up a hill, through a field, & beyond to make the best of all the lovely golden light. I'm so very pleased to have spent the evening with such an amazing couple. It felt so, so good to catch up with Kat & get to know her future hubby a bit better. They truly compliment each other

Congrats, you two! I'm looking forward to watching your love continue to grow!

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