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Bekah & Logan, a Rustic Iowa Wedding

Holy smokes, ya'll! Weddings are quite the undertaking, even when they go well. This wedding proved to be quite the adventure as a growing photographer. We ran into some extra crazy, stormy weather & our outdoor ceremony was moved inside to the reception hall. Bekah & Logan are super blessed to have a kick-butt family who hustled all morning to rework the day's game plan for them. I also needed to rework my game plan, so my assistant Madison & I arrived a few hours early to scope out the hall. Thankfully for us, the hall was STUNNING. Seriously, just look at all this yummy goodness.

The hall is a part of Camp Abe Lincoln in Blue Grass, IA. I'd been to the camp once during college for a leadership retreat & could never have imagined the space transformed to such a stunning reception hall. The entire hall was adorned in twinkle lights which complimented the glow from the massive chandelier & arched ceiling. The room was split in two visually to create a more intimate ceremony space with the beginnings of the reception on the back half. Bekah's father built a bar (two days beforehand) which added a little fun to the space.

The florist, Flowers by Melanie, put together a massive wreath for the front of the ceremony space. The gorgeous combination of soft greens, cream & burgundy roses was just perfect for the fall wedding. Truly, outside of the rain, it was a perfect fall wedding. A cozy atmosphere with warm, earth tones & lots of laughter. You can't ask for much more.

Isn't the coloring perfect? I loved the combination of the rustic lodge & the earth tones.

The boys got wrapped up in a last minute fix before the ceremony, which was just fine with me because I got to spend even more time with the girls. The ladies got ready in the hall's library, which while a bit unconventional was a lovely, bright space with plenty of room to spread out. Bekah's bridal party was all family: her sister as her MOD, aunt & cousin as bridesmaids, & her sweet daughter as flower girl. The girls used their time well & had quite a bit of downtime to enjoy each other's company. While working their way through their cotton candy champagne they helped Bekah practice walking in her gown & took a moment to listen to her vows.

Since we had a bit of downtime, I asked Bekah if there was anything special she might like to squeeze in quick before the ceremony. She asked that we work in a "sneak peek" of sorts with her groom. Her attendant escorted the groom, eyes covered, into the library and while Bekah looked away from the door he was placed just behind her so they could have a moment to themselves. Well, to themselves for just a few seconds before Eva decided she'd also like to get in on the action and snuggled herself in-between the couple. The soon-to-be family took a short breather & then it was time to line up for the ceremony. Logan was again escorted out of the room & the ladies hustled to finish last minute touchups.

The ceremony was lead by Bekah & Logan's uncle. It was short, sweet & gave you all the feels without dragging on. Both of Bekah's grandparents spoke during the ceremony as well, which kept things focused on the Lord & His importance in their marriage. Within the next half hour Bekah & Logan were officially husband & wife.

Now, here was the tricky part of the festivities: bridal portraits. Since our once outdoor wedding had been moved inside, the portraits needed to be done immediately post-ceremony in the middle of all the guests who were eager to start the reception fun. I doubt any photographer looks forward to coordinating bridal portraits. You've got the wedding party, the family, & all the guests who are eager to chit chat with them to deal with. Thank goodness for Madison who was there to A. keep me on course & B. track down any of the subjects who had wandered away to friends, food or the bar. We survived & the portraits will undoubtedly serve as sweet memories for both the couple & their families.

Once portraits wrapped up the reception moved along fairly quickly from dinner (a taco bar, which I HIGHLY recommend to any bride-to-be) to the speeches. Both speakers did exceptionally well highlighting the couples relationship in a way that was endearing & entertaining. A few tears & some big belly laughs later the couple cut their cake & settled in for the remainder of the night.

And now my favorite part. The dances. Let's have an honest conversation right now about how hard it is to shoot while crying. And let's also recognize that I am a crybaby & have NEVER made it through a father-daughter dance without crying. I can't help myself.

So stinkin beautiful. You can imagine how the night wrapped up. Thank you, Bekah & Logan for trusting me with your big day. I was so excited to be there & to help document such a momentous part of your lives. I wish you all the best of luck in the future & the most fun during your honeymoon at Disney! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs!

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