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Senior Parker

Saturday blessed me with warm, breezy weather and perfectly overcast skies. Iowa weather has been CRAZY as of late, so I gladly took advantage of some decent fall-feeling weather. Over the course of a few hours we grabbed some great shots around Davenport. It was a great, great day to be out. Parker has an amazing personality to work with. He's helpful, patient & pretty funny when he wants to be. We really made the most of our afternoon together & had a nice time.

Parker's high school baseball team won state last year, so it was important to him to grab a few pictures on the high school diamond. We met a bit after 3:00, which is a tricky time to shoot. We worked around the bright afternoon sun & took advantage of the naturally shaded areas of the dugout. Since it's off-season we had the field all to ourselves, which gave us a ton of opportunity to create some great shots. I loved the green backdrop in the dugouts! It made for a neat additional of color to otherwise warm color scheme of the field.

We then made our way downtown to my favorite mid=afternoon location, The Figge. I love, love, love shooting around this ridiculously beautiful building. I will never get over the gorgeous reflection, clean lines & open shade. It's seriously one of the easiest locations to snag good shots. We also wandered across the street to RME to grab a few photos in their foyer. There is always an abundance of natural light & their musician photo wall creates such a neat backdrop. Check out how blue Parker's eyes are in the sunlight! Love it.

We of course made our way down to the river for a few shots & cut across to my favorite secret treasure spot behind some of downtown's oldest buildings. It's a ridiculously diverse meeting of four buildings with a neat vine wall, a huge mural & some great fire escapes. I love how many shots we were able to grab in just once location. Let's also take a moment to appreciate Parker's shoes! Parker bought these for his homecoming last year & I am obsessed with the classic brown leather style. I will take these over sneakers any day!

To finish out the session I was eager to try out a different location. I took Parker & his momma down to the Arsenal Island bridge. I am really feeling the black metal & architecture! It was such a fun spot to snag some really awesome, masculine images to finish. We just had to carefully time our shots between cars & cyclists. The light had softened up quite nicely, which made it so easy to grab some really well=lit photos to wrap up the day.

Such a perfect afternoon with an equally great senior. Wish Parker the best of luck with his senior year! I'm eager to see what the future brings him, particularly on his decision for college next year since he toured my college St. Ambrose just a few weeks ago. GO BEES!

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