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Senior Courtney

This past Weekend was the perfect combination for a fall session. It was over 50 degrees, just a bit breezy & perfectly overcast. Clients seem to worry over overcast skies, but they're so, so great to shoot in because I'm never hunting for shade -- it's everywhere! Post editing, you'd never know if was a dreary day. This was actually Courtney & I's second session together, as we'd met earlier in the summer for a few quick photos. This time I suggested we style the shoot, so we met an hour beforehand & got to know each other better throughout hair & makeup. We selected a number of different outfits full of rich earth tones, texture & print. Fall is my favorite season for so many things, one of which is the fashion. Layering scarves, sweaters, boots & jewelry makes for such a unique combination that allows for a ton of personality.

How lovely is she? A bit of backstory, this gorgeous, cozy poncho used to be mine, but after seeing it on Courtney, who is a good half foot taller than me, I realized how it was MEANT to look....and so it's now Courtney's. I could never wear it again knowing how much cuter she was in it!

We shot at my grandmother's home that she built with my grandpa when they retired. It's a really gorgeous property on a small pond surrounded by farm land, open fields & some wooded areas. The site allowed for a ton of creativity & opportunity, so Courtney & I had a blast finding great locations. I am particularly fond of the pair of willow trees by the pond's edge. I love the whimsy of their drooping branches & the movement they create in a photo.

I can't get over Courtney's eyes. Courtney as a human is just lovely as well. She's genuine, hard-working, and has a flair for the arts, which feeds my art-lovin soul. She's still college-shopping, but I am positive whichever school is lucky enough to have is sure to see some great things from her in the future.

We had to grab some country-feeling shots during the session to give credit to Courtney's rural background. I am really feeling the overcast skies with the golden fields. We also took advantage of one perfect yellow tree on the edge of the property. It's vibrant backdrop was such a fun pop of color during the shoot!

For the last few shots of the session we worked our around the to back half of the pond. It's a lovely wooded area full of fall colors. We spent a good deal of our time in one particular clearing, which was just perfectly framed by the trees.

That wraps up Courtney's blog post! I am so very glad Courtney & I were able to shoot again. We both have a soft spot for this season, so it was an absolute joy to play in the fall colors & get to know each other better. God has some really beautiful things in store for this stunning young woman. Cheers to whatever new adventure life brings your way, beautiful girl!

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