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Votapek Family

I love this family. I think the absolute world of this amazing momma & her boys, so when she reached out to grab some family photos I was over the moon excited. In my head I pictured a beautiful warm fall day where we could play outside with giggling kiddos. What life gave us was a dreary, rainy day & a toddler who was just not feeling it. However, looking at their sweet session you'd never guess all the behind the scenes magic that went into those very, VERY selective smiles.

I had to include the top left shot because THAT was the reality! Dad & big brother had gone in search of bubbles in an attempt to create some smiles, but it was mom who finally managed to get a few grins out. I love these sweet pictures of the two of them playing. It took quite a bit of effort to get him giggling, but was worth it! Check out his sweet, toothy grin. Doesn't it just melt your heart?

The V family lives on the golf course in Dewitt. The fall colors were absolutely fantastic! And thank goodness the rain was misty enough you'd never notice it in pictures. We played outside for a hot 10 minutes before the rain picked up & we were forced indoors to escape. I hadn't planned on shooting indoors, so didn't have any extra lighting with me, but thankfully the V home has an abundance of natural light to work with!

We'd originally planned a nice photo of both boys on the settee, but as was the theme for the day things didn't go as planned. The boys played...& fought...& then played some more. However, I am kind of infatuated with the slight chaos of these last few shots. I love the genuine connection between the two of them, so in the end I'm a bit grateful for the craziness. Funny how life works out :)

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