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Hanker Family: Family Session Giveaway

THANK YOU for submitting so many amazing families to our giveaway session! The amazing Hankers were nominated by someone in their bible study group & are incredibly deserving. This family has fought a number of obstacles & persevered -- they're pretty stinkin' cool. Plus, they're beautiful, so there's that.

Thanks to the lingering warmth, we were able to meet for a quick shoot at Scott County park. It was a gorgeous afternoon, just perfect to play in. How fun are their girls? There's a whole lotta personality wrapped up in those tiny blondes & they certainly kept me on my toes! I love the candids we captured along the way. Those silly moments give me all the warm & fuzzies.

The girls handled the session fairly well, all in all. They cuddled & played for the camera, & once they started to get antsy we moved locations to explore something new. I love shooting within the park. It provides so many options to quickly mix things up.

Look at those besties! My baby sister is over 10 years younger than I am, but knowing how close we are I can only imagine the friendship these two will build over the years. They're so incredibly sweet with one another! A funny quirk throughout our session was the Hanker's version of "cheese". Instead of the typical phrase to encourage smiles the girls would often encourage on another by screaming "chicken noodles" at the top of their lungs. This brought on giggles from both the girls & everyone behind the camera as well.

I am LIVING for this sweet sister bond. And also the gorgeous light streaming in through the trees. The girls were a bit distracted by the abundance of fall leaves, so we took a moment to pause & let them play. This short break produced a number of lovely, silly shots that I seriously love.

To wrap up the girls helped me just a bit. They "helped" pose Mom & Dad and then we planned a surprise. At the count of three the girls ran with open arms toward their parents to give them the biggest hug they could muster. Those family snugs are where it's at. What a sweet, sweet family.

Wish the Hankers a beautiful Christmas season! God is good.

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