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Kelsi & Marty, Winter Engagement in Davenport

I am a SAP. A giant cry baby. I pretty much always tear up over engagement & wedding sessions while editing, but this one takes the cake. I'm gunna assume it's the uniform, but it might just be that these two are ridiculously adorable. Kelsi & Marty are QC kids who've managed to create quite the love story. Marty is prepping to ship out to the North Carolina, so these two love birds reached out to squeeze in an engagement session the week of Christmas.

The positive was that it was all sorts of snow and glowy goodness. The not so awesome part, it was LITERALLY 5 degrees out. You gotta love Iowa. We met up at Vandeveer (I really wanted to play with all that Christmas light bokeh) & the rest is history.

Can you handle this? Oh my gosh. I cannot get over how natural these two were the entire session while simultaneously freezing to death. Marty didn't want to shoot in his uniform, but he gave in & Kelsi got her shots. I LOVE a good uniform. The contrast of his uniform to her soft, casual sweater gives me all the feels in all the right ways.

At this point I should come up with something beautiful & heartfelt to say, but this is pretty much the point in my editing where I profusely cried over my keyboard & sent these shots to anyone & everyone I could think of just to hear them agree with me that they're stinkin beautiful. So, fill in your own beautiful words, I'm getting misty again.

Those giggles <3

A quick wardrobe change & these two were good to go for outdoor pics: round two! It should be noted that this portion of the session lasted a HOT five minutes, because at this point we were all so cold we could barely speak. We all survived without frostbite & made our way from the park to Oh So Sweet, a darling little bakery downtown who agreed to host the final portion of our session. Click through the link & check out all the yummy goodness Tiffany has going on. She's a sugar genius.

I gotta say a special thank you to all the girls at Oh So Sweet, because the day of our shoot was so cold they actually closed the bakery down early...for everyone but us. We were so, so grateful to come in from the cold to enjoy some cupcakes & the warmth of the fireplace. Ending our session at Oh So Sweet was an incredibly fun way to wrap things up, plus it produced some fantastic captures. We grabbed a few quick shots & then I left the lovebirds to enjoy their cupcakes & each other.

Marty & Kelsi tie the knot in August. Send them some love for all their future adventures!

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