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Kathy & Jeff, A Summer Backyard Wedding

The first time I met Jeff & Kathy over lunch, at my favorite Chinese restaurant, I was in awe of how grateful their love felt. Life isn't always kind & these two have weathered a number of storms. That being said, it is apparent to anyone within a hundred feet of them just how incredibly humbled they are to have found each other. Their love is so beautiful, you can't miss it. When one speaks the other watches, quietly taking in the person who their world revolves around. I've never seen love that is so calm. They compliment each other & their obvious care brings a feeling of peace to any setting. I feel so honored to have been a part of their day.

They chose to get married in the backyard of their home, which proved to be the perfect location. Jeff & Kathy have a stunning property. A Better Homes & Garden sort of home with HGTV worthy landscaping to finish it all off. I was blown away by their perfectly curated space. The midwest was fairly cooperative, so we enjoyed just a bit of heat -- but no rain, which is all that matters.

I could say a billion things about this couple, their home & their amazing family, but instead I'll let you take it all in. No words are needed.

Congratulations, Kathy & Jeff. I wish you all the light & love life has to offer.

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