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Caitlyn & Frank, Summer Engagement Clinton, IA

This session began with an oops. Caitlyn & I had gone back & forth on a few options for their shoot & settled on Eagle Point. Caitlyn loved the castle & the sunken gardens, plus liked the idea of shooting somewhere a bit different. Saturday morning I made the quick drive to Clinton & did a bit of searching before Caitlyn & Frank would arrive at 9:30. At 9:45 Caitlyn reached out via text to share that they were just a few minutes away -- no biggie as they were driving from Ames. She called to check where I was parked & after chatting we decided it would be easiest to share my location via pin.

Frank called a few minutes later.

They were no where Eagle Point Park in they were over an hour away in Eagle Point Park DUBUQUE. Thankfully we all laughed off the oops & reschedule for the same time the next morning in Clinton this time. The initial mistake turned out just fine & mother nature cooperated & continued to give us lovely summer weather.

Caitlyn & Frank are high school sweet hearts & incredibly sweet to be around. They're a little silly, laugh often & were continually willing to go a bit out of their comfort zone to grab some lovely moments.

We had a blast exploring the three levels of the Eagle Point castle. It's such an interesting piece of architecture hidden in Iowa. The stone walls & curving staircase provided lots of opportunity to shoot & the tree line outside gave me all that glorious open shade needed for some great intimate moments.

The sunken garden is just around the bend, so a short drive later we were back out exploring. I love this sunken bridge & all that glowy light peeking through the leaves. We did not however love the bugs. Iowa never fails to produce the perfect environment for lots of nasty little critters, particularly in damp, cool a beautiful sunken garden. We shot on the bridge for a hot 5 minutes & escaped to the car to continue exploring that park.

These two were an absolute blast to work with. I am so grateful for their fun-loving nature & willingness to trust me on the location of their engagement shoot. I am so excited to see where life takes them as they finish their degrees & continue planning their perfect big day. Congratulations to a beautiful couple!

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