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Stacy Family Fall 2018

One of my most favorite things since I've started "adulting" is seeing the people I love grow as well. Seeing some of my favorite ladies become mommas fill my heart all the way to the top. I'm super glad to be blessed with the ability to capture such amazing memories. I mean, come on! Look at how sweet my cousin's little man is! I have already printed & framed the image above MULTIPLE times, because baby smiles, duh.

I can't believe how much Kash has grown lately! We snagged a few quick photos by the pond & then made our way over to the farm to take a full family photo of my aunt, uncle & all the kids.

I wish I had helped with this cute setup, but in all honesty it was 100% my aunt. I "helped" by agreeing the mums should be symmetrical & by playing with the barn kittens.,,,so really no help at all.

We snuck out to the fields as well. I really love the look of the bales all wrapped up in combo with the fall tree line in the back. I'd never shot in a setting like this, so it was a fun adventure to work in.

The cutest. I love them.

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