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Oh, hey there!

I'm Stacy, a natural light wedding photographer,
also working with families, seniors & queens!

Love is absolutely contagious. There's nothing better than the utter joy that comes out of sheer, honest love. Those little butterflies, happy tears, all of it, I can't get enough of it --
I shoot with my heart. 
My style is saturated & timeless. I want your photos to be just as beautiful today as they are when you share them 20 years from now. I'm constantly chasing beautiful light & those little moments that make day to day life extra special. I'm a stickler for details & hustle hard to capture every little, special moment. 

I stumbled into photography on a whim, but goodness I fell hard. My miracle baby was born at just 2 pounds & I spent 4 months with him watching him grow strong, get healthy & of course, capturing all those memories -- the good & the difficult. At that point my camera became an extension of myself as an artist. I've been incredibly blessed to capture all sorts of adventures & have loved every minute of it.

I shoot completely natural light & I love that. No fussy equipment, just me, my cameras & an assortments of lenses. I'm happiest being in the background, capturing memories without disrupting life as it is naturally. But don't get me wrong, I'll wrangle your unruly groomsmen if I need to! I just want to stop time for a moment & document your lives for generations to come. 

So, let's get coffee! I wanna hear all about what makes your love special. 


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