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Baby Amelia First 48

There's something really wonderful about seeing a dear friend become a Momma. I love being a Momma. It's my favorite job. And so, I particularly love appreciating the skills of other kick butt mommas. Seeing Emily love on Miss Amelia literally rocks my world. A,) because I now have another momma friend to complain about diapers, & teething, as well as celebrate little moments like rolling over & babbling, but also because B.) motherhood is AMAZING. The immediate connection between a momma & her baby is easily one of the most beautiful things in the world. Hands down.

Emily & I went to high school together, but our friendship didn't blossom until adulthood when we both coached our high school speech team. One of my favorite moments of our friendship was a summer trip where after a long day of walking, my poor pregnant ankles were swollen to the point that there was no difference whatsoever between the width of my calves & my ankles. Laying back on my bed with feet propped up on the footboard we giggled & giggled over how incredibly unfortunate & ugly this moment of pregnancy was.

I'm so glad Emily's pregnancy went so well. Miss Amelia stuck around just a few days past due date, but came into the world fairly simply & healthy as can be. That's all you can ask for in the end. One (mostly) happy, healthy little baby.

I arrived for our shoot right on time, but unfortunately my timing didn't quite line up with the nursing staff or Amelia's for how the morning should go. I quite literally walked through the door just as Amelia was taken away for some final tests before discharge. When she returned she wanted NOTHING to do with my camera, so we spent another while chatting while Miss Amelia nursed & settled back into her normal routine.

Amelia has her momma's hands. Her long, slender fingers already sport nails much better than my own. I was absolutely enamored watching her tiny hands grasp the fingers of mom & dad.

How beautiful is this little family? I am beyond thrilled for these dear friends. Emily & Jacob are sure to be fantastic parents. I cannot wait to see where this new adventure takes them.

Welcome, Baby Amelia!

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