Plan Your Wedding & Maintain Your Sanity: pt. 2

Hello, lovelies! I've survived the hubbub of Valentine's & am so happy to bring you the second installment of our wedding planning series in combination with Kathryn the wedding planner extraordinaire! Kathryn & I spent a few hours chatting over coffee to come up with a general lists of all the ins & outs of wedding planning, as well as some insider tips. If you missed part 1 of this series, check it out here. Part 1 focused on the Big Threes: Budget, Date & Venue, so now that we've established a good starting place we can move on to all the extra details that bring together your BIG day. Once you've booked your venue you are ready to start hiring the rest of the vendors you'll need to compl

Keith & Sam, Winter Engagement in Long Grove

When the three of us sat down together to plan their engagement shoot we decided on two MUSTS: snow & their puppy. And so we scheduled their engagement in the middle of January. And then Iowa did what Iowa wanted & decided to give us 50 degree weather. What can you do? Thank the Lord that these two are about as easy-going as they come & just rolled with it -- & thank goodness, because this shoot was magic. Let's start with their pup. Ty is such a good, good girl. Especially considering that she's just about a year old! I so with our puppy who's pretty close to Ty in age was as well-behaved. He is much too rambunctious still to pose for photos. I mean, come on! Look at that good girl! She sat

Plan Your Wedding & Maintain Your Sanity: Pt. 1

Hey lovebirds, I am so excited to kick off a series of blog posts featuring the amazing Kathryn from Worries Away Event Planning. Kathryn is an expert in all things wedding & a seriously fantastic friend. We sat down together at my favorite Starbucks to start planning our post together. What we had originally planned to be a single article VERY quickly grew into multiple. Weddings are a lot of work -- which is why coordinators like Kathryn are such a blessing. Now, a wedding planner isn't for everyone, or for everyone's budget, so no worries friends! We aren't here to spam you with a billion reasons why you should hire Kathryn (although I seriously recommend it, because she's a hoot & has fa

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