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Keith & Sam, Winter Engagement in Long Grove

When the three of us sat down together to plan their engagement shoot we decided on two MUSTS: snow & their puppy. And so we scheduled their engagement in the middle of January. And then Iowa did what Iowa wanted & decided to give us 50 degree weather. What can you do? Thank the Lord that these two are about as easy-going as they come & just rolled with it -- & thank goodness, because this shoot was magic.

Let's start with their pup. Ty is such a good, good girl. Especially considering that she's just about a year old! I so with our puppy who's pretty close to Ty in age was as well-behaved. He is much too rambunctious still to pose for photos.

I mean, come on! Look at that good girl! She sat so well for the camera & was pretty much smiling the entire time. The evening after our shoot I posted a few photos of Sam & Keith together as a couple for their sneak peek. I posted a few beautiful moments of the two of them incredibly in love & while they were appreciative it took them only a few hours before they were bursting at the seams to see pictures of their baby. And I of course obliged sending them a half dozen photos of sweet Ty before I crawled into bed that night. Ty is one lucky pup.

If you haven't guessed yet, we met up at Scott County Park. Yes, I use this location all the time, but how could you not? There aren't many locations that give you an open field, prairie grass & dreamy light filled tree-lines all within 2 minutes of each other. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm super in love with the colors Sam & Keith chose for their wardrobe. The gray & yellow combination was absolutely perfect to play against the winter foliage.

How sweet are they? They cuddled & laughed the entire session -- my job couldn't have been easier. After a half hour at the park we hopped in the truck to venture just a few miles away to a lovely little farm nearby in Long Grove. I had never been to the property & had pictured in my head something very rustic. Not bad, I like rustic, but just a little different than what we got...which was a literal storybook farm with a beautiful red & white barn filled with kittens (I'm not exaggerating) & fluffy cows. Fluffy. Cows. You best believe I took pictures of those fluffy cows, because look at them! They're so cute!

Look at that muddy little baby! I can't. Alrighty, back on track.

I told you I wasn't kidding about the storybook farm. Have you ever seen a more perfect looking setting? As if the sprawling English Ivy wasn't enough, the barn is built on the most beautiful rock foundation. There was so much texture & beautiful, bold colors & I loved every minute of it. Let it also be noted that the picture in the bottom of this collage is Keith minus his hat, which is a very un-Keith thing. Keith's grandma informed him he had to take at least one photo without his hat just for her. He grumbled & complained about hat hair, but he did it, Just for her. Grandma's get the final say, friends.

Just before we lost all of our light we grabbed a few shots in Keith's pride & joy: his pickup. The lovebirds cracked a beer & cuddled up for my lens one last time just as the sun fell behind the horizon. I'm so pumped for their wedding this coming fall. Sam & her future sister-in-law are planning the most beautiful intimate country wedding & I am beyond thrilled to be along for the ride.

Cheers to these two! They're the perfect fit for one another & an absolute joy to work with. Happy engagement, Keith & Sam.

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