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Paige & Kyle, Spring Wedding Burlington, IA

Paige & Kyle kicked off my 2019 wedding season on the first weekend in May. They chose a beautiful venue, Barn on the Ridge, which made for the perfect place to celebrate among their friends & family. Paige & Kyle both work in ministry, so surrounded themselves with their family, friends & church family. It was amazing to see their church family rally around to support this amazing couple on such an important day. These two have been together for a number of years, so witnessing them taking the next step in their journey was simply amazing.

Isn't it a fab venue? The wood tones & all those white tables were just perfect. I loved the giant metal "Mr. & Mrs." signs at the head table. It really centered the wedding party. Barn on the Ridge is ran by the owner, who is incredibly detail oriented. She made my job a breeze, as she was always tidying, corralling extra people & doing me odd favors like moving tables or hiding the projector. I was incredibly impressed with the venue & would definitely recommend it to another couple in the area seeking a rustic, indoor/outdoor option.

The dress hanger was actually left from a previous wedding! Paige's dress still had the metal hanger from the dress shop, but we did a quick swap out & it couldn't have worked better. I have to also give a shoutout to this couple for their DONUT table. Ya'll, donuts over cupcakes 100/100 times.

Paige purchased her bridesmaids the cutest floral robes to wear during the morning, so we had to grab a few quick pics once all the girls had wrapped up hair. I think little touches like this make for not only beautiful images, but are such a neat way to commemorate this big day. Her bridesmaids now have the perfect little getting ready wrap that will always remind them of this sweet bride.

The boys were not nearly as organized as the ladies. In fact, when I arrived to the hotel room Kyle was cutting the sleeves off his white tee with a pocket knife & watching a documentary on Sloths. Boys... what can you do?

Our first order of business once we arrived back at the venue was to grab the groomsmen photos & tackle the boutonnieres. Isn't the "UP" reference adorable? Both Paige & Kyle are huge Disney buffs & did a fabulous job of sprinkling bits of Disney magic without diving too far into the deep end. Once the boys had all their finishing touches we spirited them away & slightly off property so I could focus in on the star of the show, Paige.

Paige's gown suited her perfectly. Paige is a previous pageant girl, so knew exactly what she was after when seeking out her big white dress. The lace details were an absolute dream & perfectly tied in the lace edging of her veil. The veil edging, was cut from her mother's dress & made for a sweet, quiet detail shared between the two of them.

Just look at that smile! When it's right, it's so right. There is nothing better than a bride having that "wow" moment on her big day.

We captured a few quick shots of the ladies all together before the ceremony as well. I am always so grateful when this is possible, as it opens up my afternoon to focus on bigger family shots. Clara's Gardens handled the bouquets & did such a lovely job. They're simple, tie in perfectly with the gowns & gave such an interesting bit of texture. Love those peonies!

It was FULL sun during the ceremony, but the wedding party did surprisingly well keeping their eyes open. A few squints here & there, but overall they were troopers.

How stinkin' funny is this sweet baby? She practiced going up & down those stairs all morning, but come go time just wasn't having it.

Kyle's face. Gah. Also, Kyle's dad crying watching Kyle's face. Ow. My heart.

Just look at Kyle glowing! There are 10,000 images of Kyle gushing over Paige in their full gallery. That might be a slight exaggeration, but only slightly. He looked at her like that all day long. In fact, he looks at her like that every time their together, which is the sweetest thing.

That fist bump at the end of the aisle completely makes my day. That's love.

So much joy post ceremony from this amazing group. I really love those moment that I get to fade into the background & just watch everyone celebrate. I am so honored to shoot such momentous occasions & cannot tell you how beautiful it is just to watch a love story play out. Not just between the bride & groom, but also between their families.

We again tackled that crazy sunshine, but outside of some sweaty groomsmen things went fairly smooth.

I get such a kick out of the bridal party entrances. It is so much fun to see everyone take a deep breath & look forward to the evening's celebrations.

This group gave some of the funniest, most heart felt speeches I've heard in awhile. Paige & Kyle have been together since high school, which made for loads of sweet & silly stories to share. Lots of giggles & a few tears, plus some extra deep hugs wrapped up the speeches for these two lovebirds.

GUYS. These two are magic. That is all.

Paige shared her first dance with both her father & her older brother, who she is extremely close to. I always cry during the dad & daughter dances, but definitely shed some extra tears watching this amazing family share such a special moment. The hug between the 4 of them sealed the deal. You could feel such an incredible amount of love & joy between them which radiated throughout the guests.

Kyle's momma is a sweetheart. She is full of light & love, which has obviously rubbed off on her son.

Lacey, Paige's bestie, caught the bouquet. I laughed out loud editing these images seeing Lacey jumping & waiving in the background.

In Paige's family, there is a tradition that the woman who catches the bouquet has to have the gentleman who caught the garter (in this case very young man) put the garter on her. This whole process was quite a joy to watch & lightened the mood before the real party started.

It took a moment for the dance floor to fill up, but once it did it was quite a party.

Paige & Kyle have such an amazing support system & were surrounded by people who love them to the moon & back. It was so much fun to see them interact with their friends & family throughout the evening.

It was a bit tricky, but I did manage to pull Paige & Kyle away for a few moments to take some sunset sneak aways. And thank goodness we did, because just LOOK AT THESE TWO.

Wowza. I am seriously so grateful to have been a part of such a special day. I wish Paige & Kyle all the best in their ministries & their marriage. Congratulations to The Grooms!

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