Stacy Family Fall 2018

One of my most favorite things since I've started "adulting" is seeing the people I love grow as well. Seeing some of my favorite ladies become mommas fill my heart all the way to the top. I'm super glad to be blessed with the ability to capture such amazing memories. I mean, come on! Look at how sweet my cousin's little man is! I have already printed & framed the image above MULTIPLE times, because baby smiles, duh. I can't believe how much Kash has grown lately! We snagged a few quick photos by the pond & then made our way over to the farm to take a full family photo of my aunt, uncle & all the kids. I wish I had helped with this cute setup, but in all honesty it was 100% my aunt. I "helpe

Surprise Engagement Wayland, IA

Here's how this all went down, friends. Thursday evening I get a phone call from my cousin to confirm their upcoming family photos at our Grandparent's farm for that coming Saturday. After the normal chit chat regarding the shoot & a bit of catching up he adds "oh & I wanted to check to see if you were OK with me proposing to Lyndsay at the end of our shoot"....Am I OK? Um, heck yea. 100%. Let's do it. Our shoot started off as planned. The two families met up at my Grandma's & after some time to sit & chat we made our way out to the pond. Thad made us work for every smile, but chasing him around with my camera was totally worth it. And then we waited. And waited a bit more for Jerrod to pop

West High School Class of 2019

As of early fall I was under the impression I'd have just one Senior this year, which wasn't ideal but with the additional weddings I've taken on I was alright with it. So, come the second week of October I get a text from a family friend, her son needs photos they're due the end of the month can I make it happen? Yep. Let's do it. And then, quite literally hours later, I got a message on Facebook from a past coworker. Her partner's daughter & her two cousins had a photographer lined up who bailed. Could I take all three kids photos this coming Monday & have them ready by the end of the month? Am I a crazy person? Why yes, yes I am. And it worked out great. The kids didn't quite know their f

Senior Grant North Scott Class of 2019

My final senior session for 2018! I have known Grant since he was a baby, which makes me feel insanely old, but also super fortunate to have had this family in my life for so long. Grant is one of three boys, one of which was the childhood best friend to my baby brother. Grant's momma reached out last minute to see if I'd be able to squeeze a senior shoot in before deadline for the yearbook. She asked if I could just do one photo for him. One? I couldn't possibly give them just one & managed to get an entire gallery off before the deadline hit at the end of the week. Massive thanks to my husband who put up with late night editing, to strong coffee & also to the baby shark youtube video for k

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