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Surprise Engagement Wayland, IA

Here's how this all went down, friends. Thursday evening I get a phone call from my cousin to confirm their upcoming family photos at our Grandparent's farm for that coming Saturday. After the normal chit chat regarding the shoot & a bit of catching up he adds "oh & I wanted to check to see if you were OK with me proposing to Lyndsay at the end of our shoot"....Am I OK? Um, heck yea. 100%. Let's do it.

Our shoot started off as planned. The two families met up at my Grandma's & after some time to sit & chat we made our way out to the pond.

Thad made us work for every smile, but chasing him around with my camera was totally worth it.

And then we waited. And waited a bit more for Jerrod to pop the question. After 3 THREE different couples poses he finally got down & asked Lyndsay to marry him. Seriously friends, it is a complete miracle I didn't bawl behind my lens. Thank you dear Lord for an ounce of composure in this moment.

I couldn't be happier for these two & their little guy. Hands down one of my very most favorite families.

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