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Kaleigh & Taylor, Spring Session Donahue, IA

PSA Miss Effie's Flower Farm is the cutest, flower-filled, golden hour, cat home in the whole wide world. It's not really a cat sanctuary, but the kittens are a total plus.

Kaleigh, Taylor & I are going on 15ish years of friendship. I say "ish" only because Junior High was a bit touch & go. Long story short, Taylor (whom Kaleigh has dated for the entirety of our friendship AKA forever & then married) was paired to by my dance partner in our Junior High, yea we've almost been friends the whole 15 years we've known each other.

Kaleigh & I always manage to jump right in where we left off. We spend 10 minutes catching up on each other's families & big life changes, but then we fall right back into step. We make stupid jokes, Taylor rolls his eyes at us, Kaleigh smirks when I swear & suddenly we're 13 again baking blueberry muffins at 2am. There is something really special about the friendships that feel old & new all at once. I really love these two.

I'd be silly to not give a ginormous THANK YOU to Cathy at Miss Effie's Flowers. She last minute allowed us full access to her gardens, only asking that we put everything back the way we found it. This shoot was my first time exploring the gardens & I'm now a little obsessed. So, hey wedding friends, don't be surprised if this is on my suggestion list for engagement shoots for evers & evers.

Kaleigh specifically requested "rolling corn", so she got it. These two left me for Utah, so in the 1 week a year they get back it's important to really soak up all that Iowa goodness.

Super in love with these two. And super grateful I get to keep them around until the boys die off & Kaleigh & I are retired, singing show tunes in a nursing home.

Love you both.

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