Kaleigh & Taylor, Spring Session Donahue, IA

PSA Miss Effie's Flower Farm is the cutest, flower-filled, golden hour, cat home in the whole wide world. It's not really a cat sanctuary, but the kittens are a total plus. Kaleigh, Taylor & I are going on 15ish years of friendship. I say "ish" only because Junior High was a bit touch & go. Long story short, Taylor (whom Kaleigh has dated for the entirety of our friendship AKA forever & then married) was paired to by my dance partner in our Junior High Musical...so, yea we've almost been friends the whole 15 years we've known each other. Kaleigh & I always manage to jump right in where we left off. We spend 10 minutes catching up on each other's families & big life changes, but then we fall

Paige & Kyle, Spring Wedding Burlington, IA

Paige & Kyle kicked off my 2019 wedding season on the first weekend in May. They chose a beautiful venue, Barn on the Ridge, which made for the perfect place to celebrate among their friends & family. Paige & Kyle both work in ministry, so surrounded themselves with their family, friends & church family. It was amazing to see their church family rally around to support this amazing couple on such an important day. These two have been together for a number of years, so witnessing them taking the next step in their journey was simply amazing. Isn't it a fab venue? The wood tones & all those white tables were just perfect. I loved the giant metal "Mr. & Mrs." signs at the head table. It really

Kyra & Skylar, Spring Engagement Ames, IA

These two are just the sweetest! They hands down take the cake for "most giggling" during an engagement session. Kyra has a soft spot for the Reiman Gardens, which gave me an opportunity to explore a new location. I arrived a half hour early to peek around the gardens (check out the butterfly conservatory, so cool) & seek out the most beautiful light. We met in the middle of the afternoon, which isn't ideal, but we totally rocked that mid afternoon sunshine. To avoid some of the sun & the heat, we started things off in the Reiman's tropical conservatory. There is something straight up amazing about leaves the size of a person. Not pictured, the "Where's Waldo" theme that adorned portions of

Vince & Alyssa, Summer Wedding in Long Grove, IA

These California cuties decided to uproot from the sunshine & beaches to tie the knot back home in Iowa. Alyssa had always pictured herself getting married on her aunt's farm & the bride gets what the bride wants.There is so much I could say about these two & their big day, but instead, I'll just shut my dang mouth & let you soak in this delicious Midwest Summer wedding. Congratulations, Vince & Alyssa!

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