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Kyra & Skylar, Spring Engagement Ames, IA

These two are just the sweetest! They hands down take the cake for "most giggling" during an engagement session. Kyra has a soft spot for the Reiman Gardens, which gave me an opportunity to explore a new location. I arrived a half hour early to peek around the gardens (check out the butterfly conservatory, so cool) & seek out the most beautiful light.

We met in the middle of the afternoon, which isn't ideal, but we totally rocked that mid afternoon sunshine. To avoid some of the sun & the heat, we started things off in the Reiman's tropical conservatory. There is something straight up amazing about leaves the size of a person. Not pictured, the "Where's Waldo" theme that adorned portions of the garden. While very funny, it was definitely not the vibe we were after!

I LOVE that barn! Such a fun little spot to frame these two lovebirds. We took advantage of the walkway that starts off the gardens to play in that yummy dappled light. I love how it bounces off the two of them as they walk. I've got a very specific technique for grabbing those sweet, giggly walking poses. Most couples shy away of the pose at first, but these two were more than happy to play around & stayed completely oblivious to the other garden wanderers throughout the afternoon.

The little pond I'd discovered an hour earlier was now in full sun, so we instead took to the little covered bridge. Skylar was a big fan of the red maple & I also liked how it pulled some of the color from Kyra's dress. It is so nice to shoot up a walkway, as it provides a neat bit of framing & leads you through a photograph.

I'd already alerted Kyra & Skylar to my crazy plant lady status, but this is the moment in which I totally geeked out. I love wisteria. Like love LOVE love wisteria. It's kinda crazy, smells like a dream & instantly transports me to a classic southern home on a sunny summer day. The light was super bright, but I was beyond determined to make it happen. I literally told the two, here is the tiniest bit of shade you have to stay inside, but please also play & have fun & pose & do all the cute things....while staying in your 2x2ft box of shade. But hey, worth it, yea? They're champs.

We wrapped up our afternoon by taking a quick drive out to a local park. The park was full of families picnicking & enjoying the pond, so we instead snuck into a little grove of trees. We were eaten alive by bugs in the hot 2 minutes we shot there, but it was such a nice way to wrap up. Super simple, super cute. I'm feeling it.

We've got a bit of time till these two tie the knot, but I am anxiously waiting to play around with these sweethearts again. Wish them all the best as they wrap up the last bits of wedding planning!

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