Paige & Kyle Winter Engagement Davenport, IA

I have known Paige for years. I've seen her grown from a teenager to a confident, God-focused, sweet woman. I have also been lucky enough to watch her relationship with Kyle bloom. Paige & Kyle are exactly what you dream of in a high school sweetheart. Throughout the years they've grown together, balancing each other & using their gifts to improve the lives of those around them. These two are a force within their church community & are sure to change so many lives as they continue to grow as leaders. This was actually take #2 for their session & while a bit of craziness (all my fault, thank you Paige & Kyle for being the absolute best) it worked out better for the second weekend anyhow. We w

Marissa & Daniel, Fall Wedding in Clinton, IA

These two. I have been so blessed this season to work with such amazing couples! I've been working on this post for awhile now & after rewriting it a solid 3 times, I'm taking the easy way out & letting the images speak for themselves. Their big day was so incredibly full of love that no words I'd add could make it any better. Enjoy these two lovebirds. These two threw a fantastic celebration to kick off their marriage. The perfect start.

Blondell Family Fall 2018

So, Iowa gave us snow the weekend of Thanksgiving. Thank goodness we timed it just right & missed a literal snow storm the following day. Only in Iowa can it be 50 degrees on a Saturday & have over a foot of snow by the following evening. Iowa. Only Iowa. With all that being said we had another obstacle to work with, time. I am a complete dork & suggested 4:30. In my head the sun set at 5pm. Why? I don't know, but I was convinced. Thankfully one of the boys questioned my timeline & yep, sun was due to set at 4:34 that evening...& it was 3:45. We quickly moved our shoot from Scott County Park to Vander Veer with just 15 minutes to spare before the sun went beyond the horizon. It was a good 15

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