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Paige & Kyle Winter Engagement Davenport, IA

I have known Paige for years. I've seen her grown from a teenager to a confident, God-focused, sweet woman. I have also been lucky enough to watch her relationship with Kyle bloom. Paige & Kyle are exactly what you dream of in a high school sweetheart. Throughout the years they've grown together, balancing each other & using their gifts to improve the lives of those around them. These two are a force within their church community & are sure to change so many lives as they continue to grow as leaders.

This was actually take #2 for their session & while a bit of craziness (all my fault, thank you Paige & Kyle for being the absolute best) it worked out better for the second weekend anyhow. We were graced with a perfect dusting of white snow, as well as comfortable temps. At this point, Iowa weather does whatever the heck she feels like, so I am beyond grateful for such a lovely day.

We kicked things off at Vander Veer park & were graced with lovely light & plenty of open shade. Meeting early afternoon can be a bit hit or miss, but things worked out just fine.

After taking in all the beauty of the park, we made our way downtown for super unique ending to our engagement session. Both Paige & Kyle skateboard, so we HAD to incorporate their boards into our session. I for one was super pumped. I've definitely never shot an engagement of that nature, plus it gives me all sorts of fun colors to play with. Just take a peek at how bright & fun these shots are!

I cannot wait to shoot their wedding this Spring. It's sure to be a stunner. Just a few more months!

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