Baby Amelia First 48

There's something really wonderful about seeing a dear friend become a Momma. I love being a Momma. It's my favorite job. And so, I particularly love appreciating the skills of other kick butt mommas. Seeing Emily love on Miss Amelia literally rocks my world. A,) because I now have another momma friend to complain about diapers, & teething, as well as celebrate little moments like rolling over & babbling, but also because B.) motherhood is AMAZING. The immediate connection between a momma & her baby is easily one of the most beautiful things in the world. Hands down. Emily & I went to high school together, but our friendship didn't blossom until adulthood when we both coached our high schoo

Senior Grant

Guys. I babysat this kid. This kid who is obviously not a kid anymore & somehow grew into a man. I realize I'm not very old, but lordy did I feel old working through Grant's gallery. That being said I'm super grateful to have captured his senior photos. I love working with seniors. I love hearing about their future plans, the things they're worried about for the coming year & of course watching the mommas tear up in the background. It's such an amazing moment of transition & I feel incredibly lucky each time I'm invited to capture these beautiful memories. Grant is a North Scott student, but in light of something a bit different than his peers we met up downtown Dewitt. I'm obviously biased,

Caitlyn & Frank, Summer Engagement Clinton, IA

This session began with an oops. Caitlyn & I had gone back & forth on a few options for their shoot & settled on Eagle Point. Caitlyn loved the castle & the sunken gardens, plus liked the idea of shooting somewhere a bit different. Saturday morning I made the quick drive to Clinton & did a bit of searching before Caitlyn & Frank would arrive at 9:30. At 9:45 Caitlyn reached out via text to share that they were just a few minutes away -- no biggie as they were driving from Ames. She called to check where I was parked & after chatting we decided it would be easiest to share my location via pin. Frank called a few minutes later. They were no where Eagle Point Park in they were over

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