Senior Parker

Saturday blessed me with warm, breezy weather and perfectly overcast skies. Iowa weather has been CRAZY as of late, so I gladly took advantage of some decent fall-feeling weather. Over the course of a few hours we grabbed some great shots around Davenport. It was a great, great day to be out. Parker has an amazing personality to work with. He's helpful, patient & pretty funny when he wants to be. We really made the most of our afternoon together & had a nice time. Parker's high school baseball team won state last year, so it was important to him to grab a few pictures on the high school diamond. We met a bit after 3:00, which is a tricky time to shoot. We worked around the bright afternoon s

Senior Becca

When I was first out of college I spent a year & a half working as a coach and teaching assistant at my local high school. While the job wasn't something I loved, I did love my kids -- some a bit more than others. Becca & I hit it off right away. She's honest, funny, & has always had a mature demeanor to her. When my son was born Becca sent me a text in the hospital telling me she was thinking of me and congratulations on my new baby. Having a baby 3 months early was terrifying. I think it was also scary for my family & friends, only a very small few reached out & an even smaller amount felt comfortable to visit. When we were finally able to bring Benton home 4 months later, Becca texted to

A Quick Fall Shoot

For her 13th birthday I gifted my baby sister her own website & online modeling portfolio. This gift has turned into the perfect excuse for her to schedule shoot, you know to "build her portfolio". We normally schedule our shoots around 11pm the day beforehand, but this time she thankfully gave me a week, which also gave her time to ask a few of her crew to join in the fun as well. I actually really love shooting with her. It's an activity unique to our relationship as sisters & makes for some really lovely memories. Isn't she beautiful? I will never get over how quickly she's grown over the past year. I look back on the first headshots we took of her 3 years ago & can hardly find that littl

Bekah & Logan, a Rustic Iowa Wedding

Holy smokes, ya'll! Weddings are quite the undertaking, even when they go well. This wedding proved to be quite the adventure as a growing photographer. We ran into some extra crazy, stormy weather & our outdoor ceremony was moved inside to the reception hall. Bekah & Logan are super blessed to have a kick-butt family who hustled all morning to rework the day's game plan for them. I also needed to rework my game plan, so my assistant Madison & I arrived a few hours early to scope out the hall. Thankfully for us, the hall was STUNNING. Seriously, just look at all this yummy goodness. The hall is a part of Camp Abe Lincoln in Blue Grass, IA. I'd been to the camp once during college for a leade

Kat & Jon, a Fall Engagement in Scott Co.

My Freshman year of high school I joined an improv group (heads up, I was awful) & met this amazing human. She is a prime example of a hard-working, art-loving, social justice warrior, which are some of my most favorite things. 3 years ago God introduced her other half into her life, Jon. Isn't it crazy how everything changes when you meet "your person"? I was immediately in love with the photos in camera, so I quickly shot some to Kat in a text quite literally as soon as I walked through my front door. She loved them. I loved them. My husband loved them. I had dinner guests who also loved them. Needless to say, their session is pretty lovely. The shots are beautiful, but what's really bea

Senior Avery

Avery and I have quite the friendship. My background in theatre has often times put me in odd situations, but one of the oddest was the casting of a local musical. After taking a hiatus from theatre when I got married & had my son, a dear friend from college & I decided to take a leap of faith and audition for the local production of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". After a rocky audition I was surprisingly cast as the lead --- my male counterpart and love interest was Avery, who is 7 years my junior & a highschool student. Gah. Community theatre awkwardness at it's very best. Avery's first conversation with me at the read-through went as such: Avery: Hello Me: Hey there.

So, This is a Thing Now

My last year of college was a whirlwind in so, so many ways. I was student teaching, working as for a professional theatre as an actress, trying to wrap up a Communications degree, oh, and competing for Miss Iowa. For those of you who know me, I like to keep myself insanely busy and that year is probably the best example of my stupidity and inability to say "NO". Within the midst of my day to day struggles I realized I needed an outlet, something seemingly simple that I could do whenever I had an extra five minutes, be that at 2am, 2pm and anytime between. My love of Pinterest introduced me to an article "Learn Photography while St.ill Having a Life" (true story, look back on my old school

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