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A Quick Fall Shoot

For her 13th birthday I gifted my baby sister her own website & online modeling portfolio. This gift has turned into the perfect excuse for her to schedule shoot, you know to "build her portfolio". We normally schedule our shoots around 11pm the day beforehand, but this time she thankfully gave me a week, which also gave her time to ask a few of her crew to join in the fun as well. I actually really love shooting with her. It's an activity unique to our relationship as sisters & makes for some really lovely memories.

Isn't she beautiful? I will never get over how quickly she's grown over the past year. I look back on the first headshots we took of her 3 years ago & can hardly find that little girl in this young woman, well that is until she starts giggling & my sweet baby sister is back. I took Madison and the girls out to Scott County Park. I have a senior shoot there this week, so this gave me the perfect excuse to wander trails searching for the perfect fall colors. The leaves are just beginning to turn, so I'm hopeful in another a few days we will have some richer colors peeking through. Nevertheless, with or without fall colored goodness we put together a really nice (and really quick) shoot. The weather wasn't quite in our favor, with wind chills putting things in the low 50's, so the shoot was a lot of running to & from the warmth of the car.

The girls were the best of sports & worked the camera quite well. We did quite a bit of exploring for the perfect spot & came up with a number of shots that were "hunger games" potential. Hunger games apparently means that a photo is so perfect it could kill you....a reminder that I am not cool & not that young anymore. I suppose that's one of the joys of Madison & I being 12 years apart, she keecps me up on all the current trends.

I think my favorite spot of the afternoon was a small grass area. Out of the context of the photo it looked like a jumble of weeds, but through the magic of framing & some other camera magic it turned into the perfect spot for a few quick portraits. I'll definitely drag my senior there later this week.

Much thanks to my sweet models! & Happy fall, ya'll!

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