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Senior Becca

When I was first out of college I spent a year & a half working as a coach and teaching assistant at my local high school. While the job wasn't something I loved, I did love my kids -- some a bit more than others. Becca & I hit it off right away. She's honest, funny, & has always had a mature demeanor to her. When my son was born Becca sent me a text in the hospital telling me she was thinking of me and congratulations on my new baby. Having a baby 3 months early was terrifying. I think it was also scary for my family & friends, only a very small few reached out & an even smaller amount felt comfortable to visit.

When we were finally able to bring Benton home 4 months later, Becca texted to see if I was up for family dinner, & if she could hold him. While she was a bit terrified of his oxygen & extra medical equipment, she cooed & cuddled him throughout the night & we caught up on everything I'd missed while living in the hospital. It meant so much that she reached out. So, long story short, this girl means a whole lot to me. It has been an honor to be a part of her life over the past two years & I am incredibly excited for what the future has in store.

Did you notice Becca's props? She stopped into work the day before her shoot to show me the Starbucks she wanted to bring along. This kid cracks my stuff up! I seriously love her. Becs, her momma & two of her good friends met me at a lovely property on the edge of Long Grove owned by a mutual acquaintance. It's a stunning 15 acre property with a large pond that backs up to a small tree farm owned by the neighbor. The spot gave us a lot of space to play with & we were able to capture some great shots. The properties owner loaned us her gator so that we were able to cruise around quickly & take advantage of all the space. The girls piled in the back & Becca's momma & I took the front. You'll see a quick snap of all three girls piled in the back later on this post. It's too stinkin cute!

We started by working our way around the pond & stopped for just a bit to play in some tall grass. Becca really wanted to emphasize the fall colors during her shoot. She did a great job working her wardrobe into the vibe of the space. I just love that army jacket on her!

How cute is that blanket scarf? Becca borrowed that from one of her teachers. It worked perfectly with her maroon henley & added a nice bit of texture & pattern. We finished wrapping our way around the property and brought ourselves back to the pond. The light had grown soft & warm, perfect for ending out the shoot. The reflection of the pond was so really lovely & provided a lovely, creamy background for the last few shots.

Gah. Isn't she beautiful? Wish Becca all the luck with the remainder of her senior year! This girl is gunna do great things!

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