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Senior Grant North Scott Class of 2019

My final senior session for 2018! I have known Grant since he was a baby, which makes me feel insanely old, but also super fortunate to have had this family in my life for so long. Grant is one of three boys, one of which was the childhood best friend to my baby brother. Grant's momma reached out last minute to see if I'd be able to squeeze a senior shoot in before deadline for the yearbook. She asked if I could just do one photo for him. One? I couldn't possibly give them just one & managed to get an entire gallery off before the deadline hit at the end of the week. Massive thanks to my husband who put up with late night editing, to strong coffee & also to the baby shark youtube video for keeping our toddler entertained. We did it, friends!

We decided to meet up downtown & work our way along 2nd street to enjoy the cityscape. Is it a total fluke that the weather was so beautiful for all my shoots this fall? Super grateful for clear skies & warmish fall weather.

Grant loves to game, so we made sure to incorporate a bit of his gear into our shoot. The shot below was captured in a parking garage of all places. I think it was the perfect backdrop for this moment.

Enjoy your senior year, Grant! I'm looking forward to see where life takes you next!

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