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West High School Class of 2019

As of early fall I was under the impression I'd have just one Senior this year, which wasn't ideal but with the additional weddings I've taken on I was alright with it. So, come the second week of October I get a text from a family friend, her son needs photos they're due the end of the month can I make it happen? Yep. Let's do it. And then, quite literally hours later, I got a message on Facebook from a past coworker. Her partner's daughter & her two cousins had a photographer lined up who bailed. Could I take all three kids photos this coming Monday & have them ready by the end of the month? Am I a crazy person? Why yes, yes I am. And it worked out great.

The kids didn't quite know their future plans, so I'll spare you the back & forth & instead let you taken in all the beautiful fall colors Iowa graced us with. It was a seriously lovely, lovely day.

Wishing these three to best of luck in their last semester of high school!

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