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Senior Micah

Thanks to global warming we experienced an unusually long fall season, which stinks for the polar bears but worked out great for this senior. Taking advantage of the last few warm days of fall we met downtown for a quick senior shoot. Micah & I met while performing in a theatre production this summer, so it was so nice to catch up on where his life is headed next.

Considering it was early in the afternoon, we had surprisingly even light to play in throughout the shoot. We hung out a bit outside of my ever-favorite spot, The Figge, and then worked our way into the parking garage across the street. Here's the thing about parking garages: they're kinda gross. They smell weird and sometimes feel a bit sheisty, BUT they look really awesome in print. The neutral, grungey background is awesome to play around with. So, kuddos to Micah for letting me drag him into a location he was obviously not feeling to grab some shots I really love.

How cool, yea? I love these captures in black & white. Micah is headed off to major in the arts, so I wanted to make sure to capture a few senior shots that he can use as a headshots once he's ready to start auditioning. Micah is SUPER funny with superb timing, particularly for someone his age. I am confident Micah's journey in theatre will bring him some fantastic opportunities.

Micah is still school-shopping, so wish him lots of luck finding the perfect college for his future adventures! Happy senior year, Michah!

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