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Erin & Ronald: An Intimate Winter Wedding at the Renwick Mansion

So, crazy real story time. During the intermission of a musical at the Adler theatre I check my phone, as all millenials do, to see I have a Facebook message from a bride-to-be who got my name from a mutual friend. She asks are you available the 29th? And I, skimming the text because I'm also simultaneously holding a conversation with my momma who's sitting at the show with me, think sure I could meet on 29th. And then I reread the message. She doesn't want to meet up in a week. This lady is getting MARRIED in a week. And while I'm sure you're thinking "Lordy she just got her photographer a week before the wedding?" hold your roll, because in her timeline that was pretty reasonable. That's because this crazy cool bride planned her wedding in TWO WEEKS. And spoiler alert, it was beautiful.

My own wedding was a bit quick in the general guideline of wedding planning. I can remember the shock on the faces of the vendors we reached out to when we informed them our date was only three months out. I cannot fathom how Erin was able to pull off such a lovely night in practically no time, but she did. Speaking of craziness, I should also mention that the 29th brought a snow & ice storm. The kind that you shouldn't go outside in, definitely not try to drive up a huge hill in your tiny car in. Noted. After sliding backwards down the hill, I gave up, parked my car, cried & called my dad to come rescue me in his pickup.

I was super nervous to call Erin & give her the rundown on my car issue. The conversation lasted a hot 30 seconds & involved none of the crazy bridezilla yelling I prepped myself for. Essentially I said, "Hey, I'm stranded, my dad has to pick me up & I'll be an hour late" and she replied, "Ok, cool see you soon." I pretty much hit the jackpot with this bride. So, let's stop gushing over the fact that Erin is a rockstar & check out the big day.

I love details. As a bride, you spend so much time picking the perfect pieces to compliment your gown, so I think it's important to capture all the little bits & pieces that went into your special day. I loved the pale pink pop Erin's accessories created. It invoked a bit of romance & played into that bright, filmy look I love for the preparation photos.

Gah. That dress. & that window. This is great time to mention The Renwick Mansion is a fabulous venue. The new owners have lovingly restored so much of the incredible details throughout the massive 4 story home. I was lucky enough to join Erin & Ronald on their tour of the mansion before the wedding & seriously geeked out over the history & the crazy cool woodwork. It was such a unique venue, full of opportunity for some beautiful captures. I cannot recommend this space enough. Sarah & her husband were so sweet to work with & equally as excited for Erin & Ronald throughout the night.

That bottom left photo get me every time. I think Ronald may be the most infatuated groom I've ever met. Ronald came to the United States to play baseball, so American weddings were a completely new experience for him. His contagious joy throughout the entire evening was the sweetest thing. He loved every minute of the night & especially his bride, constantly telling anyone who would listen how beautiful he thought she was.

We had grand plans a week prior to brave what should have been just a dusting of snow & do some photos outside, but after Iowa gave us crazy snowstorm weather we decided to play it safe & stay indoors for everything except Erin's end-all-be=all moment. Straight out from those massive windows is a porch & 2 floors above that is a small lookout tower with a teeny, tiny railed ledge you can sneak out on. Now, it was slick. Erin & Ronald had quite the time positioning themselves on the larger porch & I prayed for my life working my way around the lookout tower...while my assistant snapchatted me from her safe spot behind the lookout windows. That being said, totally worth it. Just look at this perfect moment.

So. So. Worth. It. We took a breather after this adventure & after warming up took some time to grab some more photos of my beautiful couple & of course family portraits. Check out this brand new family all together! Thank goodness for the big entryway!

& then it was suddenly time. Guests began to arrive & things settled fairly quickly. Ronald & Erin put together a short & sweet ceremony which focused on readings from their friends & family. It was so incredibly intimate, honest & full of love. I truly think that's why everything was able to come together: a whole lotta love from everyone involved.

The ginormous bay window at the front of the parlor created such a perfect surround for the couple.

& there they are! The joy these two have for each other lights up the room, doesn't it? I can only imagine how much laughter they have in their future. They've definitely found their perfect person.

Wish these beautiful souls all the best in the future! Erin is wrapping up her last semester of college & Ronald begins his new adventure in major league baseball. Congratulations to this amazing duo, who's beautiful inside & out!

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