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Becca: Actor Headshots

I love Becca. She is honest, incredibly easy-going & was an absolutely incredibly friend to me during some of my lowest moments. So, when Becca mentioned she wanted to redo her headshots after cutting her hair I gladly volunteered. Iowa cooperated with us & we thankfully had clear skies with just a bit of chill. Becca & I shot within the Downtown Dewitt area, which for such a small area gave us quite a bit to work with.

Isn't she beautiful? I just love everything about this human. A little backstory on this location, it's back wall of a mechanic shop. I'm pretty certain Becca thought I was a crazy person for asking her to sit on the ground in a parking lot...but the end shots are worth all the fuss. Good light, great texture & a gorgeous model. It's a win-win.

Just a quick walk around the building & we were able to take advantage of my FAVORITE location in Dewitt. I love everything about this old brick building. The brick is a beautiful pastel red, the antique grout lines are all sorts of wavy goodness, plus it lets in the perfect amount of light.

To wrap things up we snuck across the street to side of The Old Library. I am a complete romantic & plant lover, so these climbing vines fills my heart right up.

I'm so grateful for a quick weekend visit with one of my dearest friends. Becca will be back in the Quad Cities this summer performing with both Augustana College & Circa 21 Dinner Theater. I'd highly encourage you to take a peak at her site here. You'll not only see more shots from our session, but also some fantastic performance clips from Becca's past shows. She's fantastic onstage!

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