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Auge Family

Life has blessed me with a pretty amazing tribe. Madison & I met during her Freshman & my junior year of college. Neither of us was particularly thrilled with one another upon first meeting, but over time & lots of coffee our friendship grew into something bigger -- family. I literally let this lady live in my basement for a summer. She's miserable at making her bed & putting away laundry, but great at Netflix binges & red I

wine. I really love her. So, when she asked if I was up for family photos I obviously said YES. Duh.

I mean, look at these cuties! Mads & I spent basically every waking moment with each other that weekend. We drove up Friday night to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for a fun little Miss America project we're working & then drove back late Saturday...only to meet up again Sunday morning. Madison's family is as equally beautiful as they are kind. Outside of the family dog, Bubba (who I'm convinced hates everyone), I've always felt extremely welcome in the Auge home. They're a ton of fun & are always the life of the party.

I love, love, love this fam.

Thanks for adventuring across state lines, Auge family! I'm so grateful for you all.

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